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Instructor Info:Salman Hameed
Office Extension x6160
TA Info:Sarah Gordon
Term: 2012F
Meeting Info: Monday
02:30 PM - 05:20 PM Adele Simmons Hall (ASH) 222
Description: History of western science would be incomplete without the inclusion of Arab and Muslim contributions in the Middle Ages. In this course we will explore some of the reasons behind the outstanding growth of scientific reasoning in the Islamic world, including the motivation for translating Greek works and the role of religion in the early progress of science. While we are familiar with prominent Greek philosophers and scientific personalities of the post- Renaissance era, the lives of many Muslim scientists such as Al-Haytham (Alhazen), Ibn-Sina (Avicena), Ibn-Rushd (Averros) and their contributions remain largely unknown to many students. We will also explore the fascinating philosophical struggle between the rationalist and the traditionalist (orthodox) philosophers. The course will conclude with a look at the reasons for the later decline of scientific thinking in the Muslim world and the contemporary struggles to reconcile modern science with traditional religious systems.