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Instructor Info:Jonathan Westphal
Office Extension x6848
TA Info:Leigh Anna Cohen
Term: 2012F
Meeting Info: Tuesday Thursday
02:00 PM - 03:20 PM Adele Simmons Hall (ASH) 221
02:00 PM - 03:20 PM Adele Simmons Hall (ASH) 221

The freewill problem. Are human beings free? If not, why not? What happens if God, or anyone else, the NSA, for example, knows ahead of time what I am going to do? Is there any way of squaring freewill and what we know from science, especially neuroscience and psychology, and is so called hard determinism true, the proposition that no human action is free because all human actions are events caused as a part of nature?

Course Objectives:

The aim of the course is to understand contemporary of the problem of the freedom of the will, and gain an accurate and up-to-date knowledge of the main published journal literature.

Evaluation Criteria:

Two six-page Papers and two one-hour Exams will exhibit knowledge of the problem and an understanding of the journal literature. Each element will count for 20% of the grade, i.e. the number of positive comments on the Eval.

Additional Info:

The daily reading assignment for each class will be either from Robert Kane, A Contemporary Introduction to Freewill, O.U.P. 2005, (referred to below as "K"), available from the campus bookstore, or the pdf's of journal articles given below, or both. Please bring your copy of K and a printed copy of the assigned journal article for the day to each class without fail.