This course is an introduction to the structure, properties, reactivity, and spectroscopy of organic molecules, as well as their significance in our daily lives. We will first lay down the groundwork for the course, covering bonding, physical properties of organic compounds, conformational analysis, stereochemistry, and kinetics and thermodynamics of organic reactions. We will then move on to the reactions of alkanes, alkyl halides, alcohols and ethers, alkenes, and alkynes, emphasizing the molecular mechanisms that allow us to predict and understand chemical behavior. Student-led presentations will address the role organic molecules play in biology, industry, society, and the environment. Additionally, weekly problem-solving sessions will be held to foster skill in mechanistic and synthetic thinking. The laboratory will provide an introduction to the preparation and purification of organic molecules and their characterization by mass spectrometry, NMR and infrared spectroscopy. PREREQUISITE: NS-202 Chemistry 1 OR instructor permission.