Welcome to our workshop!
Ideal for both Div 1 and Div II students, this course’s focus is on everything food (and drink)—it’s cultivation, consumption, culture, care, and more. We’ll read and write fiction and non-fiction, along the way exploring what we eat—ever had a food moment?—or avoid eating—allergies, religious/ethical restrictions?—with whom we eat, what we know of where our food comes from, who has access to it, which foods have been forgotten/ eliminated, and together generate many other questions. All to better appreciate, in the words of Vandana Shiva, “Eating as a conversation with other living beings.”
Students will be encouraged to incorporate research into creative assignments, and fully embrace the revision process, always keeping in mind both craft and content. I hope you enjoy exploring fresh perspectives on one of our most diverse cultural practices and pleasures. Bringing supplementary material to class, including recipes, is valued!
You are expected to spend at least six to eight hours a week of preparation and work outside of class time, including on reading, writing, research, and preparing for presentations.
NOTE: All students MUST attend the first day of class in order to keep their seats.

Teaching Assistant (TA)
We’re lucky to have Mei Li Francis (she/her) TA for us this semester! Mei Li is a first semester Div 3 student, with plenty of Hampshire smarts to share, and I’m super excited to welcome her in this role. Please get to know her! Mei Li can be contacted about your writing—plan ahead of an assignment’s deadline—as well as about presentations, readings, and any other concerns you might have. TA meetings may be remote, or in person. For the latter, as you know, masks are mandatory, as is social distancing. (See below.)

Covid-19 Protocol
As you know, masking (both nose and mouth) is strictly required indoors, both in class and in faculty offices. Students will not be allowed in class or in offices without a mask.
Also per protocol, the classroom is for now unfortunately not an approved dining area, so I’m afraid we won’t be able to eat in class. Depending on Covid-19 protocol as the year progresses, this might change. Sipping water is allowed if masks are deftly negotiated.