Taught by: Dani Brita (dbr17@hampshire.edu). Office Hours over zoom on request! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

Dogs are mankind’s best friend! Many people around the world care for these four-legged-friends in their home. Since domestication around 15,000 years ago, humans have selectively bred leading to the creation of over 500 breeds! How society views these animals has changed dramatically over time. The way that we train these animals has evolved significantly in the past few decades. In a world full of disinformation, we will look to scientific research to determine the most effective and humane ways of working with our furry friends. We will cover topics such as operant learning, body language, stress signals, and how to work with reactive and dangerous dogs. If you have something you are particularly curious about, let me know! This course is flexible, and I would love to tailor it to suit your needs! I also would love to do some in-person, real-time obedience classes! There will also be a “final” that will allow students to teach their pets creative tricks!