This seminar is designed for Division III students and final-semester Division II students with research projects and/or concentrations in the humanities and cultural studies, including literary studies, film studies, media studies, history, art history, archives/museum studies, game studies, comics studies, American studies, ethnic studies, performance studies, queer/trans studies, feminist studies, disability studies, religious studies, and other fields. At the beginning of this inter/transdisciplinary seminar, we will read methodological and scholarly works to give us a shared universe of references. Then, for Division III students, this seminar will support your ongoing work while providing structure and intellectual community; you will be expected to submit two works-in-progress to the seminar for workshopping. For Division II students, this seminar will teach you advanced research skills to design a major project-equivalent to a yearlong Division III or thesis. Your final project will consist of a project prospectus, plus an annotated bibliography and proposed timeline for future completion. All students will give a short presentation on their research at the end of the semester.