The Hampshire College Chorus is a performing ensemble that teaches vocal and musical skills. It presents a wide variety of accompanied and a cappella choral literature in several performances throughout the year. Class covers vocal technique, musicianship and music literacy, sight-singing through movable do solf├Ęge, ensemble skills, and pronunciation in various languages. All students will be expected to spend 6 hours per week preparing their music for rehearsal, creating simple voice recordings, writing three 2-page papers relating to our own and other performances, and participating in two or more concerts. Students enrolling at the 200 level (by instructor permission) will also prepare more challenging music with a higher level of independence while 100-level class material is covered. The ability to sing on pitch is a requirement, for which auditions will be held on the first day of class. Otherwise, this course is open to all, and the ability to read music is not a prerequisite.