In the Basics of Recording course, we will explore 

1) Session preparation:

Configuring a ProTools session, patching, selecting and assigning preamps, impedance, frequency, amplitude, phase, microphone distinctions 

2) Recording: Microphone placement, room acoustics, the psychology of recording, hear-back systems management, gain structure, playlists

3) Mixing/editing:

Listening, timbre identification, equalization, compression, reverb, delays, panning, fades, automation and editing tools, mastering.

After we become familiar with recording session planning, preparation and set-up, we will record a small combo of musicians. After the recording session, we will explore mixing techniques, tools, and theories and will apply them to the final project, which will be to mix a track (or two) of the session we recorded. 


Students will be evaluated on their completion and understanding of the assigned readings, their attendance and participation in the classroom sessions, their independent work outside of the classroom sessions, and their ability to demonstrate an understanding of the course material by applying basic techniques, tools and theories to their final project mixes.