Through this course the students will develop their own community and world-changing ideas into venture plans, using practical frameworks and principles. Accomplished social entrepreneurs from around the world will share their experiences and perspectives with the class with in-person visits and video sessions, help the students think through their ideas.

Students will work individually and in teams. Class includes case studies, guest speakers, and potentially at least one field trip.

The course will culminate in a session where students will pitch their ideas to real social impact investors. No prior entrepreneurship experience is necessary, but – warning – there will be some spreadsheets and basic math.

Students will develop the rigorous critical thinking and partnership skills to develop and test any idea, secure resources, and bring the idea to action, applicable across sectors. Students will learn specific skills and frameworks for projecting and securing resources to develop initiatives, and communicating effectively about their ventures.

Work Expectations:
In this course, students are expected to spend at least six to eight hours a week of preparation and work outside of class time. This includes reading, writing, research, financial modeling, and practicing pitching skills.

1. Business Model Canvas
2. Slide deck/Video
3. Written & Worksheets – Homework
4. Discussion Forum
5. Customer Development Interviews/Analysis
6. 3-5 page Narrative
7. Class participation – active engagement = questions, responses, ideas, etc.