DANCE 151   Making Dances 1  SPRING 2017
Time:               TuTh 10:30-11:50am
Place:              Main Studio, Hampshire
Instructor:        Jim Coleman
                        Office – FCDD Office Music and Dance Building
Office hours:   TuTh  2-3, or by appointment
This course is designed to introduce students to the medium of dance and basic issues in dance choreography - no prior dance experience is required. Course objectives include: (1) Experiential investigation of the various dimensions of the dance "language”, including: kinesthetic awareness; time, rhythm and music; shape, space and the visual design of movement action; energy, dynamic range and qualities of motion; (2) Exploration of a range of compositional tools for dance making, including phrasing, formal structures, the choreography of personal imagery and designing group action; (3) Developing improvisational dance skills as a resource for choreography through guided solo and group work emphasizing intuitive and kinesthetic response, free play, thinking-in-movement, risk, imagination and ensemble awareness.
1. Regular attendance and spirited participation in all aspects of class work - discussions, improvisations and in-class compositions.  Every absence will affect your grade. Please be on time.
2. Completion of three choreographic projects and reflection papers (2-3pgs). The projects are collaborative and will involve work in and outside of class. Papers should include discussion of the choreographic process, your individual contributions and reflections on feedback and final edits.
(1) Shape/Space study (final showing – Th/Oct 8, paper - Oct. 15)
(2) Time/Rhythm/Music study (final showing – Tu/Nov 10, paper - Nov.17)
(3) Duet work (final showing – Th/Dec 10 and Tu/Dec 15, paper - Dec. 18)
3. Attendance at three dance events:  (1) Hampshire College Winter Dance Concert 8 pm, Feb 2-4 Main Studio Theater, HC; (2) FCDD Faculty Concert 8pm, March 2-4 Kirby Theater, AC ; (3) Hampshire College Division III Concert 8pm, April 6-8, Main Studio Theater, HC.

Other local spring dance events of interest: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, 7:30, April 25, Fine Arts Center, Umass; see the FCDD online EVENTS calendar for all spring listings.

4. Annotated bibliography: brief written reflections on the course readings - 1 page maximum - focusing on specific connections between key points in the articles and your work in the course. Reading assignments will be posted under "Assignments" on the Moodle course site; written responses should be posted to Moodle.
5. Short oral presentation on a choreographer, including brief video screening -10 minutes total. What interests you about the work and/or creative process of this artist and what are some of the works' distinguishing features? Select from the list of choreographers below, or propose alternative for approval. Sign up on Moodle course site for choreographer and presentation date.
REQUIRED READING AND VIDEO VIEWING (see list of articles and video links below)
Evaluation Criteria
35%    Attendance, homework assignments and class participation
40%     Three Choreographic Projects
25%     Annotated Bibliography and response papers
Weeks 1 - 2:  Sensation/kinesthetic awareness, articulation, phrasing, the languages of the body and compositional awareness.  Using simple movement scores, these basic elements will be explored through improvisation and choreography.
Weeks 3 - 5: Shape and space: spatial phrasing and design, stage space, focus, peripheral space, positive and negative space, levels, pathways, dimensionality. Improvisational exploration of these issues through duet and group scores.
Weeks 6 - 10: Time: rhythm in movement, musicality, duration and timing, dynamic phrasing, counterpoint/multiple voices. Formal manipulations - repetition, theme and variation, simple counterpoint.
Week 11 - 14: Duet work: contact/partnering, individual voice, unison, counterpoint.