Professor Donna Cohn
Hampshire phone 413-559-6032
office hours – sign up on door

M and W 2pm – 4pm

TA - Jack Strippel
Prosthetist – Abby Hoffman

Center for Design Shop hours

Monday 11am – 6:00pm

Tuesday 1:30pm - 10pm

Wednesday 10am - 10pm

Thursday 1:30pm - 10pm
Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 12pm - 4pm

Course Description and Objectives
This is an introductory level design class that will begin with a series of guided activities and culminate in a final independent project. As a guide, plan to spend a minimum of 6 – 10 hours a week outside of scheduled class on this course.
We will work with tools, materials and resources available in the Center for Design fabrication shop.

Students will become familiar with a range of basic design tools and skills - hand sketching and prototyping in materials such as cardboard, metal and plastic. We will also consider aesthetics, manufacturability and usability of the objects we create. Throughout the course students will work towards improving visual communication skills and the ability to convey ideas. (To encourage this, an optional drawing lab will be offered M and W in the hour before scheduled class at 9:30. Anyone can come to this – bring a friend!)

There will be a selection of readings and media viewings; students are encouraged to make suggestions of this content.

Evaluation Criteria

In order to receive academic credit for this class please complete all assignments when they are due. You must participate fully in all aspects of the final project, complete and post a self-evaluation on the HUB (5-College students can email this). In writing your evaluation, I will consider the following:
Class participation | Did you contribute to class discussions and activities, show up to class regularly and on time? Did you do the readings, digest and reflect on them? Did you do the complete and present your work, in sync with the rest of the class? Were you a reliable and contributing team member?
Quality of Effort and Degree of Resourcefulness | Did you put in the time and practice necessary to learn new skills? Did you work to overcome any particular challenges or push yourself to work in a new way? Were your efforts thoughtful, careful, inspired and/or compelling?

Additional Information

There is a $60 lab fee, which covers typical materials students are likely to use, but not special supplies unique to the final project.

Let me know in advance when you need to miss a class. Students who miss more than 3 classes will not receive academic credit for this class, negotiable with a confirmed medical excuse.
You are expected to complete all assignments as they are assigned, complete and post a self-evaluation on the HUB.
In order to use the Center for Design facilities, students must attend a 1-hour Shop Safety Session and sign a waiver form. It is not necessary to repeat the training if you've done it before. The deadline for attending a session is September 28th. Safety Training sessions will be held on Thurday nights at 7pm or by special arrangement. For more information on Shop Safety Trainings contact shop manager Glen Armitage ( or 413-559-5869).