CSI-0191 Freud in Reverse
9:00-10:20 am T/ Th. Franklin Patterson Hall 103

The course is designed as an introduction to concepts of psychoanalysis for students with no previous knowledge of Freud. We will take an approach of close readings, tracing the development of Freud’s thought through key essays, clinical case studies, and selected literary works that inspired Freud, tracing various concepts through their evolution, abandonment, retrieval, and revision in Freud’s writing from the 1890s to the 1920s and into the late 1930s. The course will read Freud in reverse, underscoring his most radical and developed ideas late in his life, and move back in time to his theories of hysteria and their revisions in light of dream analysis, essays on sexuality and the Oedipus complex. Freud explores trauma in new forms in his late work on the repetition-compulsion and the death drive, the theory of the uncanny, and dream analysis revision. Students are expected to write three papers for this class.

This course fills the distribution for CHL - Culture, Humanities, and Language

The cumulative skills that will be covered in the class:

Progress/proficiency in multiple cultural perspectives: I will evaluate your work in terms of your capacity to use psychoanalysis to open up new understanding(s) of sexuality and race in your final paper.

Progress/proficiency in analytical writing and informed research practice:
I will evaluate your written work in terms of its argumentation, creativity (I want to hear your voice and point of view), and clarity of presentation.