The beginning of a three-semester introductory sequence in Physics, some of which is taken in five-colleges exchange, this course will concentrate mainly on mechanics with applications to gravity. Topics will include kinematics and dynamics in one and two dimensions, planetary motion, conservation of energy and momentum, rigid bodies and rotation, and relativity. The course is calculus-based and will be taught in modified "FLIPPED Classroom*" mode. It is highly recommended that students take calculus in the same semester that they begin this course or have already taken --and know-- Calculus I. Weekly laboratory/field work is required. The labs are grouped into several major fun projects, but they all require you to *do* science. Evaluations will be based on class participation, problem sets, and laboratory project reports. Co-requisite: Calculus I

* In flipped classrooms, the lectures are pre-recorded and you can go over them at your control, with pause replay etc. A world-class award winning Professor who co-taught with Dr. Bernstein does almost all the videos (in our case they are on YouTube.) This frees classroom time for tackling problems and interesting exercises, some of which are designed to improve conceptual understanding and remove misconceptions derived from ordinary life.