Modern/Contemporary Dance Technique 2 is an advanced-beginning level class, which will establish an foundational experience with modern dance technique. The studio will be our laboratory for this semester-long exploration of a wide range of modern dance concepts with a focus on sensation, initiation, expansive use of space, efficiency, safety, connectivity and embodiment of phrase work. Along the way we will also bring attention to alignment, spatial clarity, use of breath, increasing range of motion and the development of strength and stamina. The hope is that this consistent engagement in movement practice over the course of the semester will form the basis of a sustainable and deeply engaged movement practice-one that may inform a lifetime of embodied creative process.
Throughout the semester, the following questions may provide useful points of departure as both our bodies and our intellects are brought to bear on this study of modern-contemporary dance technique:
• What is dance?
• Why dance?
• What is modern-contemporary dance?
• What is technique and what is its role?