writing in community

Aracelis Girmay spring 2014, IA-216
office: EDH 15 room/time: EDH 4, W 1-3.50
email: agIA@hampshire.edu hours: by appt. W 4.30-6

In this course, we will study the ways that writers have shaped, and been shaped by, the practice and discipline of writing in community. We will study the relationship between the writing and the making that happens in other ways (the founding of presses, collectives, community workshops, literacy programs). Class members will be asked to present models of writers whose work in community they find to be particularly inspiring and/or challenging, and how (or whether) these commitments can be traced to their poetics and/or tendencies in the writing. Students will also be asked to 1) develop and bring in their own original writing that, in some way, is born out of a community commitment or interest, and 2) develop their own blueprints for community projects, articulating what kind of training and resources they would need if they were to realize these projects. Half of our class sessions will be devoted to workshop. Students will receive feedback on projects from at least one writer in the field who has developed her own community project. This course is open to students writing in any genre. Prerequisite: At least one college-level arts course (writing, studio arts, film/video).