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Screenwriting Workshop
IA-0123-2: American Sign Language I
HACU-0185: Music of India
CS-0116: Sex and Behavior in Nature
CSI-0285: Narratives in U.S. Immigration History
CS-0281: Creating Inclusive Classrooms: Education for Students with Special Needs
NS-0266: Selected Topics in Maternal and Infant Well-being
IA-0257: Intermediate Drawing
CS-0237: Creative Game Design: from Analysis to Implementation
HACU-0120: The Anatomy of Pictures: Visual Cultures
HACU-0191: Arrested Development: On Not Growing Up in the European Novel
HACU-0281: Society, Violence and the Novel
IA-0210: Micro-Fiction Workshop for 3rd-semester Students
IA-0289: Long Poem & Lyric Essay Workshop
HACU-0259: Culturally Appropriate Design
IA-0118: Crafting the American Short Story
HACU-0246: Coming to Americn: Migration and the Africa Diaspora
HACU-0153: Tech and Sensibility
CS-0249: Seminar in English Language Learners: Acquiring Education and the American Dream
HACU-0105: Design Investigations